"Granny Next Door"
I'll get right to the details, I went next door to help the next door lady change a light bulb. This is not a story of some sexy young lady next door, she was in her 60's. While I was standing on the ladder changing the bulb, she was going about her business, I ask her to hand me the new bulb when she reach up to hand it to me I could see down her shirt. When she caught me looking I know my faced turned red, so I quickly look up at the light. Much to my surprise when coming down the ladder she had lifted up her shirt to show me her sagging wrinkled tits. I don't know why that turned me on, but i wanted so much to suck those old sagging tits. Neither of us said a word, when I leaned down and took one of her nipples in my mouth. She pulled me back to the couch and I sucked and licked both nipples.
By now i was rock hard, and no I don't have a 10 inch dick like everyone else telling these stories. I am about 5 1/2 inches rock hard. She told me she hadn't been with a man for years. I am kinda of a shy guy, but I couldn't stop, so I ask her if she would like to have sex. So I slowly started sliding her pants down her legs until i pulled them past her feet. Then I grabbed one of her wrinkled feet and started rubbing them, then kissing them. She was moaning so much, it really got me exited.
She ask me to undress, so as I did she started playing with my hard cock. She guided me to floor, then she sat on the couch and starting rubbing my cock with her feet. As I was looking at the wrinkled old woman, naked rubbing my cock with her feet all I could think of was I want that pussy. She then ask me how long it would take to get hard again after I cum, I told her if she helped it along about 20 mins. I ask her why, she told me to grab her feet and fuck them till I cum. So I stood up and grabbed her feet with both of my hands and slid my dick between them. I started pumping my dick in and out between her soles of both feet. I can tell you how good this felt. I only took about five mins till I shot a load all over her feet.
I then without thinking spread her legs and dove down on her pussy, at first I was thinking what the hell am i doing, but her pussy was so wet I just slid my tongue in and out, licking and playing with her clit. She grab my hair and was pulling my face in tighter. She ask if she could sit on my face and ride my tongue, I laid back on the floor and she straddled my face and rocked back and forth as I licked and sucked her wet pussy. She let out the loudest scream I have every heard when she climaxed. That was so damn exciting, she laid back down along side of me with her head down by my dick, then said lets get this thing hard again.
She then started licking and stroking my cock which came to life quickly. I was begging her to let me fuck her pussy. So she told me she had always wanted to have sex on the kitchen table, so I said lets go. She took me into the kitchen and she laid back on the table. I grabbed her by the knees and spread her legs. I then guided my hard 5 1/2 inch dick into her soaking wet pussy. She was so tight I almost came just sliding it in. She was moaning and groaning. I told her I had to take is slow for minute for fear that I would cum to quick, she reach down and started playing with my cock pulling it out of her pussy. Then she pinched the head of it so hard, it hurt like hell. Then she told me now fuck me hard. I slide my hard cock back into her pussy and after about 2 strokes was pumping her hard. I love the sound of my balls slamming into her big saggy butt. She was moaning and groaning so much that I couldn't hardly stand it. I was watching her wrinkled sagging
tits flopping around as I was slamming her hard. She just kept telling me to fuck her pussy hard. After about five minutes I was ready to blow a big load, so I told her i couldn't last much longer. She told me to fuck her as hard and fast as I could. I was slamming her pussy so hard I couldn't believe it, she was screaming and moaning for more, until i couldn't take it any more. I shot such a huge load of cum into her pussy, I fell onto her big saggy tits.
After that I was laying there looking at this old wrinkled body, thinking what the hell just happen. We were both exhausted and just laid there on the table.
Then panic hit me, I am married for over 20 years and have never cheated on my wife before. So I ask her, Mary I hope we can keep this a secret, I don't want my marriage to break up. She didn't say anything for a couple of minutes which started to worry me. Then she told me that I would need to come fuck her once a month, I agreed to it just get out of there. After getting back to the house, I started thinking over the next couple of hours how turned on I was when fucking her feet. It didn't take long until my dick was hard thinking about her feet. I look at the clock and seen that my family wasn't do back for a couple of hours.
My mind was thinking about going back over there, but I was also feeling so guilty about cheating. Before long I was back at her door knocking. She answered the door and ask me back in. I ask her again if this was going to be our secret, she finally said yes and you don't have to fuck me again if you don't want to.
That's when I told Mary that I needed so bad to fuck her feet again right now. Without a thought Mary told me to get on the floor where I was earlier. She told me to pull my pants off, and starting jacking me off with her feet. After about a minute she ask me if we could find a position where I was doing the work. So she laid back on the couch and told me to do what ever I wanted. I grabbed her feet again and slid my dick between her soles and pumped back and forth forth a few times, when she ask me to stop. I ask her what was wrong and she said that she wanted me to fuck her tits. She told me to go find lubricant of some kind. I ask her what she had, she finally told me to grab some cooking oil out of the kitchen.
When I got back she had undressed and was laying on the couch, I opened the oil and poured it all over her tits. Rubbing it in very slowly, her nipples were getting very hard, for the first time I noticed how hard and long they were. Wow they were sticking out at least a half inch. I wanted nothing more than to suck those hard long nipples. She told me to slide my dick between her tits. So I sat across her stomach and move forward between her tits that were sagging to both sides. She grabbed her tits and pushed them together around my dick. Just the site of this about made me cum right there. She told me to take it slow and fuck her tits. The oil made is feel so good. With my dick being as short as it is made it hard to stay between them. So we finally shifted our position until I found my groove. At first we start slow then she demanded that I fuck her tits hard and fast. I started slamming it in and out so fast, she told me that when I was ready to cum to shoot
it on her nipples. Just hearing that made me want to cum, so I pulled out and tried to hit her nipples but just shot it all over her tits. She rubbed it all over her tits and nipples. She told me to get dressed and get home.
I am not proud of this story and have never told anyone about this, so its kinda a load off my mind. I now go over at least once a week for a foot job or tit job and to fuck that great pussy.
Author: Rob
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